Saturday October 22, 2016

The Pacific Northwest

Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

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About the Summit


Superhuman Summit is a single day speaker-focused event presenting ideas on how to advance your human potential. A collection of expert speakers, musical performances, and lunchtime breakouts led by unique specialists will lead you to become more superhuman.


This single-day showcase presents lessons, stories and practices from superhuman specialists that are rooted in science, practiced achievement and tested technologies. Each speaker and experience embodies qualities that exceed those found in normal humans, but have sounded application for the lifelong learner.


Join fellow explorers, rebels, limit breakers, risk takers, evolutionists, society changers, future thinkers and immortality tinkerers for a unique take on how to improve the quality and quantity of your life.




The program at Superhuman Summit will focus on scientific findings, legitimate practices, heroic achievements and tested technologies that extend the boundaries of human potential.


Expect speakers to deliver a variety of short, TED-style presentations that will give you an expanded view of your potential. Other surprises will include musical guests, breakout experiences and never-before-seen activations.



A full slate of exciting speakers, musical performances and other surprises can be found here


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Between showcases and Summit Lab explorations, maintain your nutrient levels by visiting our nourishment stations throughout the event. Sustenance will be provided by healthy food specialists, Vital Supply Co in the form of Superhuman ingredients. Beyond a supplement rich breakfast, accompanied by Bulletproof Coffee, a nutrient-dense lunch, each food station will offer a different integral item to maintaining a healthy and long-lived life. Turmeric, Resveratrol, Green Tea, Pomegranate Extract, 10 Mix Mushrooms and Ginkgo Biloba will all be utilized to maintain heart health, the immune system, brain health and more.



Summit Lab Activations


The experience of Superhuman Summit goes beyond the ideas you hear from the stage and the natural nourishment you will receive from Vital Supply Co. During the conversation recesses you will visit the Summit Lab, an experimental hackspace that will give you hands-on experience with elements that will change your future for the better.


Your journey through the Summit Lab may include live blood analysis or an assessment of your vascular health. Learn the science of heart rate variability and how meditation can change your health trajectory. Move past the calmness and into adrenaline-pumping territory by achieving feats of heroic strength with axe throwing. Or, take a step into another virtual world of the future with an augmented reality headset.





A full slate of exciting speakers, musical performances and other surprises can be found here


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